Our emotional health is essential for our overall wellbeing.


I am Diana Castaño, I am another human being like you, who happens to be deeply passionate about the mysteries of the mind and soul.  That passion has fueled my journey to become a mental health professional.  In 1995, I got my first degree in Psychology from the University of the Valley (Universidad del Valle) in Colombia and in 2011 I became a Mental Health Counselor in United States.

Through my professional and personal experiences I have learned that our emotional health is essential for our overall wellbeing.  However, we tend to bypass our emotions and push forward ignoring them in order to “function” in our daily life.  Not paying attention to our emotional signals is something reinforced by today’s society and we might become very skillful at doing it, but they still exist no matter how deep we bury them.  Those little or big emotional wounds exist inside us, somewhere, under many layers of  “emotional make-up”.  The cost of working so hard to cut off from what we feel is very high and it shows up through physical illness, chronic emptiness, constant dissatisfaction, loss of direction and purpose, disconnection from ourselves and others, isolation, frequent internal and external conflicts, among others.

I firmly believe that when we are going through challenging times, it is necessary to pay attention to everything happening not only outside you but mainly inside you.  It can be overwhelming to be aware of what is going inside us and often times we feel hopeless and with no clue.  Know that you don’t have to go through those difficult times alone, I can be your journey companion. Think of me as a copilot, supporting you and shedding light over dark places while you start steering the wheel of your life with purpose and intention. Every person is different and unique, and I will adjust to your uniqueness while offering alternatives to discover the messages, insights or realizations contained deep inside your struggles.

It would be an honor to be your companion in that journey of self-discovery and healing.  It is clear to me that your inner world is a sacred landscape and I welcome every part of you that shows up (even those you don’t feel very happy or proud about) by creating a safe, gentle, and curious space for you to reconnect to the power inside you.

“If you are going through hell, keep going”
Winston Churchill
“No mud, no lotus”
Thich Nhat Hanh
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you”