An act of kindness is a small pebble thrown into a vast lake

The Healing Power of Kindness

Unlike physical scars that are easily seen on the surface of our skin, emotional trauma and mental health issues often lie hidden much deeper. The truth is, we are only acutely aware of our own reality and the events that we endure. It is impossible to know with exactitude the struggles human beings around us are facing.

This phenomenon, as simple as it is, highlights the importance of kindness; an act of kindness is a small pebble thrown into a vast lake; the ripple effect, though relatively small, reaches places far and wide. Showing empathy towards another is something that can inspire others to do the same.

June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month and although kindness is a necessity year-round, this month reminds us to be mindful that many people carry this heavy emotional baggage with them wherever they go. Trauma has many faces and there is not a singular manifestation of it. Moreover, trauma not only refers to the effects of a single traumatic event but can also be a consequence of the compounding experiencing interactions characterized by a lack of validation, recognition, and hope.  It can also stem from living the emptiness of not receiving what we deem essential for personal growth, for instance, loving boundaries, availability of primary figures, and even tolerance of imperfection.

Time after time, we are reminded that love and the human connection are the basis for our well-being and should be valued. Kindness in any form helps foster this environment of cooperativity, support, and acceptance that creates more space to strengthen wellbeing.  Moreover, kindness starts with you and for you.

Diana Castaño