Today is a good day to make a good day! It’s your choice!

5 Practices to stay soulfully healthy

1. Move your body and listen to it: walk, jog, run, do any type of workout, yoga, swim, dance, and notice all the sensations on your body. Listen to the voices of comfort and discomfort, follow what you feel is right for your body, what your body really needs.

2. Cultivate the art of looking within: your power to make changes, to create, to live your life fully is inside you. You might find inspiration, guidance, and learning by observing others and you can also be open to the wisdom within by honestly looking inside you, by connecting with your essential truth, and by embracing all your parts (the ones you like as well the ones you don’t). Soon you will empower yourself and realize that your wellbeing can rest on your own personal choices instead of thinking that it depends on the direction the wind blows.

3. Be compassionate: Towards yourself and towards others. Practice kindness towards yourself, treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. Remember you are an imperfect wonderful human being in the process of growth, learning and realization.

4. Be present: Enjoy the little big things life offers you every day. Breathe consciously, look around you paying fully attention, notice all the sensations that you experience moment to moment through your different senses, be aware of the thoughts and emotions that come and go without attachment, just like a witness, just with curiosity and keeping in mind that all of those experiences are temporary.

5. Be grateful: practice gratitude daily, even hourly! You opened your eyes today, find the many reasons to be grateful in everything, the sunrise, the clouds, your breakfast, your bed, a stranger smile, the challenges that push you to move forward, to be better, to become stronger. Look at what exists in your life; look at what you have instead of at what is missing.

Today is a good day to make a good day! It’s your choice!

Diana Castaño