Reinventing Ourselves…

In the same way that the snake slithers out of its shedding skin, the plant suddenly starts bearing fruit, and the caterpillar metamorphoses into a winged butterfly, we as humans find ourselves in perfect conditions for transforming ourselves from the inside out.

This year set us up to reconsider our priorities, set limits and determine the factors that are non-negotiable in our lives, all while living in increased solitude and fear of an invisible yet potentially deadly agent. From experiences of the cyclicity of humanity and sociopolitical upheaval on an international level to messages from astrological phenomena and our infinite personal experiences, 2020 was a push to shift our focus inwards. This means questioning things we may have been ignoring and discriminating between habits that are beneficial and others that may no longer serve us.

With this being said, the decision to change is not a linear nor painless one; it often comes with weighing baggage that can take you out of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with change and live the process of loss with gratitude for what was and what will be. Keep prospects of blessings close and learn to let go. Welcome change with open arms. Walk hand-in-hand with fear towards what scares you and don’t forget that uncomfortable moments, like all other occurrences, shall pass.

Allow the flower to wither; live through the adversity of transformation and savor its newfound presence, its aroma, or the lessons it taught you and set yourself up to reap the benefits as they appear. Little by little we learn to navigate the cyclicity and temporary nature of our reality and how to let go of our attachment to pleasure and our aversion to discomfort which, all in all, is inevitable. Little by little we will stop creating unnecessary suffering in our lives and instead breathe gratitude into every inhale, appreciation into every connection; we will understand that our rigidity is a limiting factor to our internal growth.

Recognizing our losses is as important as discovering opportunity in every corner the human experience presents us. Let’s go back to listening to our hearts, to valuing our bodies and the miraculous internal machinery that accompanies it as more than simply an external projection. Let’s embrace emotions as they come instead of trying to conceal, disguise or repress them. Let’s pay attention to our internal world so we can execute this process of reinvention; it’s the only way we will see our external reality transform and heal.

Let’s take this period of forced distancing and adversity to reflect inwards and decide how we are going to choose to reinvent ourselves. Don’t push it to tomorrow; set a date and time with yourself to sit comfortably, in a serene environment with something small to eat or drink, and start with the most important part: write down how you will transform and reinvent your relationship with yourself…from there, said self reinvention will proliferate.

Diana Castaño